Complete Security, Convenience and Control

Did you know that you could, and should, expect more from your burglar alarm system? You can have better security, increased awareness, mobile control, and new levels of interaction through an advanced security system from Rottweiler Security at the same price you're probably currently paying for.

Home Security Or Business Security - BETTER!

Rottweiler Protection when you need it most
Why expose your family or business to common vulnerabilities of other security system notification types. With Rottweiler you can have protection and notification with an advanced wireless communication system. Vulnerabilities caused by phone or broadband line cuts, an unpredictable Internet connection that can drop during power outages or late notification all leave you at risk. Persistent protection, always-on communication that functions; that's Rottweiler.

"Crash and Smash" - A Security System For Your Security System.
The built in "Crash and Smash" feature ensures that even if an intruder is able to locate and destroy the security control panel in a "crash and smash" attack, a signal will still be sent to emergency responders, and an alert will be sent to you.

Great Features - Greater Value!
No-Show alerts, Auto arming schedules, multiple notification messages, Two-way emergency voice all packed in a security system app that is INCLUDED with every cellular package.

Interactive Solutions

Instant and complete awareness
Use your computer or cell phone app to stay connected to your home or business while on the go. Add a video package too and you have remote viewing of activity at your home as well.

Always-on protection
Make your security system work for you all the time, not just when it's armed. Simple alerts of door openings, even when the system disarmed. Unlike traditional systems that do nothing while the system is disarmed, Rottweiler Security keeps you in touch with what's going on at your property and alerts you when something happens.

Mobile - Security App's with Teeth
Stay connected with FREE mobile app's. Control your security system while on the go or check in while you're away, it's that easy. You have remote access through your interactive security account with either:

  • iPhone, iPad or Tablet
  • Android phone or Tablet
  • BlackBerry Phones
  • Or any Other Internet-enabled Mobile Device

Visibility of security system status, events or history, arm/disarm, or view video right from your phone or tablet. Security awareness right at your fingertips.

Video Monitoring

Remote Surveillance
Add video monitoring to your Rottweiler Security system and view your home or business through your cell phone app, tablet app or online from your desktop computer. Our IP cameras stream live video, sense movement, save recorded clips, text message video alerts to provide you with greater sense of security to your home or office.

  • Use the remote video cameras inside to check up on kids, pets and visitors. Place them outside to see activity at the front door, driveway or in the backyard. Even point one towards the backyard pool just to make sure someone hasn't wandered into the pool area.
  • At your business, set up motion-triggered recordings to ensure employees are doing what they're supposed to and keep an eye on sensitive drawers and cabinets should they open.

Feature-rich, Intelligent & Energy Management

Thermostat Control
Smarter business security should control automation of your lights, locks, appliances and thermostat settings. Utilize energy-saving smart schedules. This service uses triggers like the time of day, day of week and status of the security system to help make your property run more efficiently.

App control allows you to:
  • Warm up your home or office or cool down when you are scheduled to leave for the day or arrive an hour earlier.
  • Lock the door whenever you arm your security system or on the go.
  • Turn on certain lights when the system is disarmed or remotely.

* Locks, Lights, Thermostat Control and Video are additional subscription items.

Rottweiler; the way security should have ALWAYS been.

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